Have you ever wondered why your engine is producing smoke? This may be due to overheating of the engine. The combustion engine produces a lot of heat when running. The cooling system is supposed to cool the engine by dissipating this heat. When there is a problem in the cooling system, your engine will overheat. Some of the major causes of engine overheat include:

Faulty Radiator Fan

The radiator is an important component in the cooling system. Therefore, when the fan is not running properly, it will cause inadequate circulation of coolant, hence causing the engine to overheat.

Damaged Coolant Hoses

The coolant is conveyed in the engine using hoses. When these horses have breakages or any fault, it may cause leakage of the coolant. This may cause inadequate cooling and hence overheating of the engine.

Damaged Radiator

In some cases, the entire radiator may be faulty, causing poor cooling of the coolant temperature. This may result to overheating of the engine.


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