The new Honda Odyssey has some great features that you might not have seen on other minivans. Let's take a look at these interior features and see what makes the Honda Odyssey stand out!

1) The first thing to note about the interior of this van is how sleek, yet sturdy it is. With many vans, there are sharp edges where different parts of the vehicle come together. These can be difficult to clean or distract from your driving experience. But with the Honda Odyssey, every detail has been carefully thought out so that these seams are more rounded off and less noticeable. This makes for an easier time cleaning up spills or keeping dirt away from your car seats down below!

2) Speaking of car seats, the Honda Odyssey is a family vehicle that can accommodate up to 8 passengers! This gives you plenty of room for everyone in your family. There are also plenty of neat features from the backseats to make life easier for all those people who will be riding there.


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