Warning Signs of a Bad Fuel System

Your car requires fuel to run, and if you have a damaged or dirty fuel system service, you're likely to experience poor performance and gas mileage. Read on to learn some of the more common signs that your fuel system needs servicing.

One of the best indicators of a damaged fuel system is when your engine is sputtering at a high, consistent speed. If you're noticing that your engine sputters and quickly resumes proper performance, you may have a bad fuel pump. Another sign of a bad fuel system is your engine temperature rising. Pay attention to your temperature gauge and if you see it rise in combination with your car stalling, this is a sign that your fuel pump is going bad and needs replacement.

While these are two of the common warning signs of a poor fuel system, there are many more. So, if you feel your car isn't performing as it should, schedule an appointment with Michael Hohl Honda today.



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