Tech features are important components of a 21st century vehicle. These features keep us safe and keep us comfortable. When it comes to tech features, the Honda Accord consistently garners attention. Indeed, 2020 Honda Accord technology makes the car great for technology-loving drivers.

One of the 2020 Honda Accord technology features is the Adaptive Cruise Control System. This safety element aids in maintaining a safe distance between the 2020 Honda Accord and a vehicle it follows when cruise control is activated. The 2020 Honda Accord technology features also include Traffic Sign Recognition. With a high-tech camera, this system identifies an upcoming stop sign, even when a driver may not have yet caught sight of it.

More information on 2020 Honda Accord technology can be obtained at Michael Hohl Honda, located in Carson City. In addition to getting answers to your questions about the car, you can also take the Honda Accord for a test drive.



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