Just like people, some vehicles are out-going. Honda Passport is one of them. This all-new SUV may have a midsize look, but it has a gigantic appeal for those who like adventure.

Power is where it all starts. The power to haul a trailer or a boat or whatever you need to move comes from Passport's V-6 engine. With 280 horsepower, this 3.5 liter engine handles heavy cargo with ease. While you and your cargo are on the move, a sophisticated suspension system gives you excellent maneuverability on both smooth and rocky surfaces. The four-wheel, fully independent suspension system helps you get where you're going and enjoy a smoother ride.

With a rugged SUV like Passport, you might doubt it offers a smooth ride, so come find out for yourself. Visit Michael Hohl Automotive and take one out for a test drive one around Carson City, NV streets.


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