Are you considering a road trip this summer? If the answer is yes, then use this information so that you can do it on a budget! Sharing road trip information is a thrilling opportunity for Michael Hohl Honda to help our customers save money.

A road trip begins with planning your route. A planned route helps you establish how many miles it takes to get to your destination and return, which you can use to budget how much money will be needed for fuel. During the planning process, choose which route saves the most fuel and time, as well. If your road trip includes lodging at multiple locations until reaching a final destination, use the planning process to choose lodging that is cost-efficient, such as Airbnb. A hotel or motel may be more expensive and unnecessary for short stays.

In order to have a vehicle that is "road trip ready," schedule your maintenance with our service department. By scheduling service before you set out on your road trip, you'll also save money in the event that your car breaks down in an unfamiliar area.



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