Tips for Preventing Rodent Damage

While you may worry about your car getting into a fender-bender or sliding on an icy road, most motorists don't spare much thought for their vehicles being invaded by four-legged creatures. Rodents can find their way into your engine and chew on expensive parts, costing you thousands of dollars.

Ensure the area where you park your vehicle isn't a haven for these pests. Keep bird feeders far away, set out humane traps nearby and leave the engine hood open to dissuade them from thinking your engine is a cozy retreat. You can also proactively protect your engine components by wrapping exposed wires with foul-tasting duct tape and covering openings with wire mesh.

If you suspect your engine has been taken over by rodents or you'd like some help being proactive in mice-proofing your vehicle, stop by Michael Hohl Honda. Our mechanics are experts in repairing rodent damage, and your repairs may even be covered under comprehensive insurance.



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