Here at Michael Hohl Honda, we enjoy helping our customers to maintain the value of their vehicles. One way to do this is to keep vehicle engines in good working order, and a key to this is maintaining proper engine temperatures.

Most vehicles include internal cooling systems that are relatively complex and include many different components. In addition to radiators and coolant, most cooling systems also include specialized fans. When engines are running at low speeds or sitting at stops, engine fans can and do prevent motor temperatures from running into dangerous areas. As such, is important for vehicle owners to keep their fans in good working order.

To start with, vehicle operators should have their fans inspected for any signs of damage on periodic bases. Such damage could include missing vanes, chipped parts, or faulty motors. If any issues crop up, vehicle owners should replace or repair any broken or missing parts immediately. By doing so, vehicle owners can keep their fans working properly and keep their temperatures where there should be.



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