Everything You Need to Know About Your Vehicle's Alternator

Your engine's starting system contains three pieces of equipment that include the starter, battery, and alternator. An alternator works to keep the battery charged with the vehicle is on, and it also helps the electrical components in your vehicle, such as the windshield wipers, work properly. Our team at Michael Hohl Honda works diligently to help keep our consumers informed about their vehicles, so we have summarized some information about your vehicle's alternator below.

To keep your alternator in optimal condition, be sure that it is inspected on a regular basis. If you notice dim lighting, a burning smell, or a high-pitched sound coming from the engine, it is best to have it inspected. A faulty alternator could lead to engine failure if it isn't repaired.

Be sure to schedule an appointment at our service center the next time that your vehicle's alternator needs service.



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