Choose an SUV for Your Next Vehicle

There are many reasons why people who come to Michael Hohl Honda want to test drive SUVs. They are popular because of the versatility they offer in transportation for daily driving and being in the outdoors. While an SUV isn't a truck, they can have the clearance of a truck and the underbody protection you need to conquer new terrain. Pet owners love SUVs as well, as they usually offer good space for pets to relax while in the vehicle.

Weekend trips with an SUV are easy because they offer more room for people and cargo. They are usually safer to drive than a car because they are bigger and heavier. If you are going to the beach or mountains, an SUV can accommodate most outings and carry many items for the adventure.

Pet owners love SUVs because they allow for animals to fit in the back instead of being all over the vehicle seats. This is safer and more comfortable for most animals. It is also easier to get an animal out of an SUV with a lift-gate than out of a standard door.



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