2015 Honda Crosstour is Versatile and Stylish

At first glance, the Honda Crosstour may raise a few eyebrows. It's similar to the Accord in appearance, yet it's bigger, with a more wagon-like body that bridges the gap between it and a crossover. But there are benefits to the Crosstour that set it apart from anything else in its class, and that's what makes all the difference.

The Crosstour blends a mixture of power, efficiency and versatility to get its point across. Not to mention, many find its gently-tapered, fastback roof line to be quite stylish. With fold down rear seats and flexible storage space, it's the perfect thing for families with a lot to carry. Better yet, it's incredibly safe, with multi-angle rear view cameras, and a host of sensory tech.

Learn more about the Crosstour in the video below.

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